How Del'cs came to be (written by a 17yr old)


Originates from the word psychedelics. Del'cs Retail started off as a one-woman show.

My name is Hayley, I'm 17 and I own Del'cs.

Del'cs came to mind when I was a few months into working with my mom at Awesome Canteen. Mother of mine, Diane, owns several well-known shops in Taman Paramount: ila ika, Awesome Canteen and Chipta 11A. Working under her angled me to a new perspective of life. Before then, I was just a cranky 16 yr old who hated meeting new people, couldn't understand why my mom was always at work and only valued the typical cringe teenager stuff. Awesome enabled me to work with a weird amazing group of people. Come up with business strategies, create new systems, fix workflows and most of the time, watch them fail and do it all over again. But I genuinely liked working because it was more entertaining than anything. My work partner, Rifqi and I would talk for hours upon hours about everything from A-Z. Never a day spent in that office was in vain. 

Okay, back to Del'cs. The opportunity was right in front of me but so was the boarding school college that I enrolled for. Long story short, boarding school was a 5-months mistake, I dropped out and spent the whole December 2020 as a college dropout. Which was perfect because I officially opened Del'cs on the 7th of December. I spent months prior conversing with contractors, carpenters, vendors and my trusty Fengshui Master/Interior Designer Mervin. Doing all that while going back-and-forth from my boarding school in Perak, I was just built-different I guess. 

The weeks prior to the 26th November, Del'cs soft opening. I spent thrifting, stressing about where the couch should go and forcing my best friends into child labour. The day finally came and a beautiful white store was born, without windows or a door though, kinda dangerous. A few of my friends came to accompany me that day and I couldn't have been happier. Not a lot of people came that day but the ones that did, especially my friends who came to support me, gave me a glimpse of how valuable Del'cs was going to be to me. 

For the whole of December 2020, Del'cs became a hub filled with my fondest memories. From late evenings alone playing Tyler the Creator's whole discography. To mornings spent sleeping around the store as a result of a party the day before. To messing around with friends till the clock strikes 6pm on Fridays. Del'cs was worth it and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

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  • amazing background story, loved the store, keep up the good work 🥸

    • Haowen